If you have taken the plunge and bought a violin, it corresponds that you must want to protect your asset.  While at Animato we provide a case with the initial purchase, eventually you may want to upgrade if your violin has a higher value than entry-level.  Other reasons would be that you see yourself traveling frequently. For insurance purposes it also helps if you can provude evidence that your case was of a good quality, in case something should happen.

When it comes to cases, there is one star - Bam - that shines brighter than other stars in the sky of competing manufacturers.  Like the finest French Luthiers and Archetiers, Bam has maintained an unparelleled selection of cases to suit every string instrument and need.  They have considered each aspect of the case, from lining, foam, fabric and interior to the shell and security options.  It is in this way they have surpassed their compeditors, with the majority of their cases' component parts being constructed in house.  Apart from specialising in violin cases they make cases for violas, cellos and double basses. Actually, they also provide cases for both wind instruments and guitars. 
Animato Strings is proud to be one of Bam's stockists, both in Brisbane and servicing the rest of Australia via our online store. 

Their range is vast, so for the sake of brevity we will focus on the main three tiers of their stock. 

The "classic range" is both very well priced and extremely strong; so in terms of pure protection it is an excellent choice.  It features a single layer of ABS plastic, made in house and covered by full warranty, including repair (as are all of their models) for two years. 

The second level of their range is the "Newtech: Double Layer".  It features a similiarly high quality ABS layer, but with an additional feature of the anti-scratch PMMA film coating to ensure the aesthetic finish of the outer case remains fresh.  The main feature of this model is the additional layer of Airex and Pvc foam skeleton to reinforce the structural intergity of the case to ensure optimimum protection of the instrument, and greater durability to the case itself.  The added benefit of this feature is also the light weight of the case, and the increased resistance to shocks from handling.  This becomes an integral feature for the student or the professional who is frequently travelling, as in transit there is the possibilty of serious damages being incurred.  Where as the basic model has excellent strength, it has no means to disperse the shock as it is solid plastic.  With this model and the model above it this is much less of a risk as the foam skeleton disappates much of energy that could damage the instrument. 

Finally the premium version, the "Hightech: Triple Ply".  Now for the professional, especially for the very expensive instruments they employ, they need the very best quality protection.  Where in the previous model only a skeleton is employed to reinforce the case and protect the instrument within.  The central advantage is that instead of the reinforced plastic layer with the skeleton, the outer layer is the same plastic but with a fully moulded foam core.  This makes for an incredibly light weight case, which is an excellent asset to the larger stringed musicians like the cello or double base.  There is also the added feature of being able to seal off the instrument once in case, as some of the more expensive instruments and strings can be highly sensitive to temperature variations, especially if you are travelling from a cold to hot climate.  A vintage instrument with gut strings for example needs a controlled humidity in order to prevent the strings for wear and the wood from warping. 

​With these features in mind, there is alittle compedition to the superior protection and quality of the Bam case range.  We at Animato recommend these to any student or professional who wants the very best of protection for their instrument, and can order in any of the designs shown on the Bam website at your request. 

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Here you can see the contoured cabin style case in white, as shown in the all things strings video above.  Sleek and attractive I think you will agree. 


You can see the interior of the case here, note the contoured neck of the case to ensure better protection for the instrument.