Electric Cello

"Sunburst Cobra" five stringed Electric cello, by Mark Wood designs.  We retail this for 5,879 and also stock the four stringed model. 


"NXT Series" five stringed electric cello.  This item retails for 3,049 and we also stock the four stringed variant. 


"Bolero" 5 stringed electric cello.  We retail this item for 995. 

The electric cello is something of a misnomer.  Rather than, strictly speaking, a separate instrument its somewhat amalgamated with the development of the electric violin.  There exists of course, a separate dedicated model of instrument compared to that of the electric violin.  However it is mostly a case of string arrangement and or aesthetics.  As was expressed in the electric violin article, outside the acoustic violin models there is the capacity to extend the possible musical range.  By adding extra strings it makes the distinction between the instruments blurred at best, because an electric violin can have the range of a cello and vice versa.  With that in mind, the dedicated four string electric violins and cellos mimic their acoustic counterparts but are not bounded by their limitations.  This is also without consideration towards the sound management aspect of performance, which can mask and change the depth of sound that the instruments produce.  These aspects should all considered when purchasing the instrument, as it becomes more a case of comfort and style than musical limitations.