1867 Charles Gaillard Violin Restoration

Australian string players will have the opportunity to try out an 1867 violin by French violinmaker, Charles Gaillard, which is currently undergoing restoration at Animato Strings. It should be ready for test-driving in about a week and we look forward to sharing this moment with you!

Gaillard learned the tricks of the trade from his father Louis, before moving to Paris to apprentice under Charles Adolphe Gand. Gand was something of a celebrity at the time, renowned for his conscientious restorations and expert appreciation of old instruments.

Back of Violin (Prior to Restoration)


Violin Belly (Prior to Restoration)

It seems Gaillard inherited his eye for detail; his violins are revered for their beautiful designs and superior finishes, in the style of the Italian masters Guarneri and Stradivari. He favoured a natural approach to varnishing, and his instruments are typically free of shading and artificial ageing. The varnish has a characteristic orange-brown colour, sometimes interjected with a reddish tinge. Gaillard eventually established himself independently, and from around 1863 was trading from his Parisian address 20 rue Notre-Dame de Rouvrance. The instrument will retail for $22,000 AUD. For more information, please click on the images to open the listing on our website.