Joseph Albert Deblaye 1874 - 1929

A son of an organ builder was born in Mirecourt Bouzemont on June 20, 1874. His name was Joseph Albert Deblaye who became one of Mirecourt's a well-known violin craftsmen. He died in Mirecourt in April 22, 1929.

He was apprenticed to Mirecourt, where he was said to be a luthier since the census of 1891. He was absent from Mirecourt from 1896, employed by Gauthier in Toulouse where he remained for three years.

In 1901, it is said that he moved back to Mirecourt (rue de la sous-préfecture). He hired one apprentice, Camille Chappié, 17 years of age. Joseph Albert lived with his parents, 7 Place Thiers. On the first of July, he married Marie Justine Humblot, a daughter of cutler.

In1906, he had two little daughters, Yvonne and Suzanne. The family continued to live with his parents. By 1906, his workmen and apprentices included Edmond Pierrot (born in 1878), Victor Quenoil (born in 1889), and Henri Raynal, a Parisian, born in 1890.

In 1911, he added more workers: Jules Poirson (born in 1860), Léon Jeanjacquot (*1872), Paul Chipot (*1887) and Louis Audinot (born in 1895).

In 1921 he left his parents and moved with his family to 1 rue Georges Clémenceau. By then he had 23 workers and apprentices. The oldest was Eugène Audinot (born in 1858). Amongst his new workers are François Ferry, Marie Gangloff and Jules Serdet (*1874) Emile Gourrier Emile Mourot and Just Vuillaume (*1876), Edouard Pagnier Edmond Pierrot (*1878) Georges Deblaye and Meunier, as advertised in an international directory of 1925.
Further workers are Brubach (*1879), Victor Chipot (*1881), Marcel Devoivre, Emile Poirson, and Paul Ruer (*1895), André Ferry and Charles Poirson (*1897), George Collin (*1898), Louise Jeanjacquot (*1900), Alfred Laforge (*1901), Marcelle Mourot and Henri Serdet (*1905), and Paul Collin (*1906).

In 1926, he had were 54 workers, including most of the employees of 1921. (For comparison, Couesnon had 24, Thibouville 112, Laberte 233, Mamlock 32, Dieudonné 7 and Bazin 19 for the bows.)

Albert Deblaye Signature
Albert Deblaye Atelier
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