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​Elisa Scrollavezza violin 2017

Elisa Scrollavezza violin
Elisa Scrollavezza violin - front
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Elisa Scrollavezza is one of Italy's most respected luthiers with her instruments being played in many parts of the world.  She was born in Parma in 1967. Elisa's father Renato founded the famous Parma violin making school. As a result she was surrounded by the world of violin making from a very young age.  

At the age of eighteen,  she chose to follow in her father's footsteps.  She graduated from the Parma School of Violin-Making in 1991.  In 1994 she began assisting her father as an apprentice.  In Elisa established a partnership with Andrea Zanrè in 2002. Andrea had also been a student of the Scrollavezza school.  Their workshop is located in the historic centre of Parma and here they concentrate on crafting new instruments and also training violin makers.

Elisa pays particular attention to the set up of each instrument and the choice of fittings.  With regards to tone, she seeks to achieve  a noble and silvery quality along with the fullness and projection necessary for the most demanding players.