GEWA (pronounced Gey Vah) music company has been in business since 1925. Although GEWA has branched into other areas of music, it was originally founded as a case and bag manufacturer and still has this as a core business. Midori, Elizabeth Pitcairn, and Mira Wang a all use GEWA cases to protect their precious violins.

The German made GEWA Air Violin Case comes in two styles; shaped and oblong. The shaped case is lighter in weight coming in at around 1.7kg and the oblong case weighs 2.1 kg. Its design has many features to keep your instrument safe.

The exterior of the case is made of a specially developed thermoplastic shell. The ABS shell is formed into shape with high temperature. After cooling, the shell becomes temperature resistant and provides excellent thermal insulation properties. The ABS shell is also weatherproof and long lasting. It also has a very high break resistance.

The foam inside the case is injected. Injecting foam ensures that the foam fills all the hollow spaces and gaps between the lining and the shell of the case. The result is a very strong bond between the lining and the shell.​


The interior has a padded suspension system. This means that the body of the violin is not in contact with the case but only with cushioning. When buying a case, it is also important to ensure that the lid of the case clears the top of the bridge to prevent pressure from being placed through the belly of the violin. Previously, the GEWA Air did not have a strap for the violin neck. In the current model, there is a sturdy strap for the neck which closes with velcro.

The GEWA Air has a zippered accessories case for your rosin.  This protects your violin from rosin dust.  You can also use this for your shoulder rest.  Alternatively,  GEWA have included adjustable straps with velcro to hold a shoulder rest.  The case comes with a detachable sheet music pocket which clips to the bottom of the case with press studs. This is a great location for the pocket as it doesn’t add to the weight of the lid.

Within the inside of the lid, there is a string tube for straight (steif) strings and room for four bows. At the scroll end of the case, GEWA has used their patented swivel type bow holder. These help prevent your bow from breaking or being scratched when being placed in the case as these holders bend. At the tailpiece end of the case, the bows are held with robust bow clips. There is also a blanket to protect the violin from coming into contact with the bow clips.​

The GEWA Air case can be carried via its comfortable side handle. Or you have the option of wearing the case like a backpack using the spongy antislip neoprene straps. These clip onto D-rings on the bottom of the case with carabiners. A metal ring is also used for reinforcement and to prevent the carabiner from pulling. The bottom of the case has four plastic feet to reduce contact between the case and the surface on which it is lying. There are also three of these feet on the side of the case. The case has two combination locks if you feel comfortable using these.

The GEWA Air case won a Red Dot Design Award in 2015. The Red Dot international jury awards this only to products that set themselves apart with their good designs from comparable products on the market. GEWA  gives its customers a two year warranty on all their products.

GEWA violin case
GEWA Air Case

GEWA bow holder
GEWA carabiner