Serving Schools

Schools enjoy the following benefits:
  • Professional set up of string instruments for any budget
  • For schools with a tight budget, the Arco range of instruments is ideal as they yield an exceptionally good sound, given the entry-level price tag.
  • Each instrument is optimally set-up in our own workshop before being delivered to the school.
  • Schoold enjoy one year warranty. Should an warranty issue arise, we will either visit the school's music department to attend to the issue or we have the instrument collected by our courier, free of charge, no matter where in Australia your school is situated.
  • The sound quality will inspire students to start on a good note!
  • Animato Strings can also provide all string instrument accessories, including shoulder rests, music stands, rosins, replacement bows and cases at very competitive prices. Animato stocks an extensive range of popular group tuition books and other music books. As a one-stop string specialist shop, Animato provides a hassle-free service for your school!
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