Roberto Cavagnoli

Roberto Cavagnoli (born 1975) graduated at the International School of Violin Making 'Antonio Stradivari', Cremona, under the guidance of Giorgio Scolari.

After completion Roberto spent several years of training in Angelo Sperzaga’s workshop, refining his art, focusing on classical style of Cremonese masters. Later, he worked in Barbara Piccinotti’s workshop
where he further refined his style.
In 2001 he received an offer from Animato Strings in Australia where he worked side my side with accomplished USA-born and Italian-trained luthier James W. Robinson (Robinson had studied - in the 1970's - under Gio Batta Morassi, Pietro Sgarabotto and Francesco Bissolotti).
Roberto returned to Cremona where he continued his partnership with violin maker Barbara Piccinotti.
He participated in in the 'Violin Society of America (V.S.A.) 2004 where he won the Silver Medal for tone quality.
In 2006 he won the third prize at the 11th International Competition 'Triennale' in Cremona for excellent sound quality.
Roberto was featured in the movie 'Highly Strung' (2015), directed by Scott Hicks, also known by music lovers for his movie 'Shine'.
Roberto has emerged as a highly successful luthier and continues his work in his workshop in the centre of Cremona where he makes violins, violas and cellos, crafting his instruments in the style of the Cremonese tradition.

​Roberto Cavagnoli is featured in the movie Highly Strung, directed by Scott Hicks. Watch a short extract (above).

​Following instruments by Roberto Cavagnoli
are available from Animato Strings

​Violin 2017

Roberto Cavagnoli Violin

16" ​Viol​a 201​1

Roberto Cavagnoli Viola Front

​16" Workshop Viola ​

Roberto Cavagnoli Workshop Viola 2017