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    Bow Hold Buddies

    Bow Hold Buddies & Bow Hold Fish for Sale

    Help has arrived for students and teachers who try to implement a good bow hold for violin, viola and cello players!

    What are The Bow Hold Buddies?

    Ruth Brons is the inventor of 'Bow Hold Buddies.' For violin and viola players the Bow Hold Buddy for the little finger is called 'Hold Fish' and the other one to use is called a Frog (and it looks like a frog!). For cello players the Bow Hold Buddy is called a 'CelloPhant', because it looks like an elephant!

    Bow Hold Buddies for Violins & Violas

    The Bow Hold Buddies are a must have for string instrument teachers and young students alike. 

    Bow Hold Fish for Violins & Violas

    CelloPhants for Cellos