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    Repair/ Restoration

    Violin, Cello, Viola & Double Bass Repair

    Animato Provides Best Sting Instruments Repair & Restoration Services

    Animato Strings has an Onsite-Workshop so most of repairs can be completed while you are waiting in our shop.

    Animato Strings takes on nearly any string instrument repair job you can think of. Some of the most common requests are:

    Violin/Viola, Cello & Double Bass Repair & Restoration

    Bows repairs :

    • Bow Re-hairing
    • Fitting new Tip
    • Bow Respringing
    • Replacing Thumb Lether and Silver Winding
    • Repair of Damaged Bow
    • Replacing Eyelet/Frog/Button

    Violin/Viola, Cello & Double Bass Bow Repairs

    Instruments (including Guitar and banjo) Repairs:

    • Adjusting, Fitting or Cutting a Soundpost
    • Adjusting, Fitting or Carving a Bridge
    • Repairing Cracks
    • Regluing Seams
    • Planing the Fingerboard or Replacing a Fingerboard 
    • Neck Fractures or Breaks Repair
    • Re-Varnish Instruments
    • Setting up Instruments for Playability
    • Fitting End Pin for Violin/Viola
    • Fitting End Pin Plug for Cello/Bass
    • Fitting Pegs
    • Fitting Nuts, Rasing/Lowering Nut and Adjusting the Spacing between string grooves for Comfortable Playing
    • Fitting Tail Piece including Resetting Sound Post if needed.
    • Fitting New Bass Bar
    • Getting Rid of Buzzing Sound
    • Minimizing Wolf Tones
    • Servicing instruments - checking Bridge position, sound post position and sound quality
    • Valuation
    • Reskinning for banjo
    • Set up and Redressing of Fret boards for Guitars

    Violin/Viola, Cello & Double Bass String Repairs