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    Maestro Plain Gut Strings for Viola

    For those of you that appreciate a historically informed performance,  Animato has our own range of Maestro plain gut strings.  These come in a variety of diameters suitable for playing at standard concert pitch (A= 440 Hertz) or the Baroque pitch (A = 415 Hertz)

    These high quality strings are made from Australian cattle gut. This material provides the ideal characteristics for making strings due to the cattle's pastured lifestyle and their natural diet of grass. Strings made from Australian cattle gut have a long lifespan despite the high tension required for performance.  

    During manufacturing the gut is dried, twisted and polished until the desired diameter is achieved.

    These plain gut strings are suitable for baroque violin, baroque viola and baroque cello.  

    They are also suitable for treble, tenor and bass viola da gamba.

    Each string is 1.25 metres in length and can be cut into two strings. Plain gut strings like these require the player to fashion a loop for the tailpiece end of the string.

    Gut Strings for Viola

    Suggested gauges

    415 Hertz

    440 Hertz

    A string



    D string



    G string

    Use a wound gut string

    Use a wound gut string

    C string

    Use a wound gut string

    Use a wound gut string