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    String Path Violin Rosin

    Path continue to improve and work on their rosin and strive to have the best rosin available on the market.  Path rosin makes a great upgrad from the student rosin that comes as standard with our violin outfits.  

    Better rosin feels better, sounds better, and leaves less residue on the instrument.  You need to use less so the cake will last longer.

    Path rosin is made from pine resin along with 5-7 natural additives.  Pine rosin by itself would result in a rosin that gives excessive or insufficient friction and also unwelcome noises.

    The additives prevent these undesirable results.

    String Path rosin review:

    "I recently had the good fortune to be introduced to what was for me a new violin rosin sold under the name of "String Path"... After trying out this rosin most carefully over several weeks,  I have found it to produce the clear, pure and exceptionally silky violkin sound for which we all strive.

    "String Path" is without doubt the best rosin I have ever used."

    Theodore Lazaroff (ex Concertmaster Queensland Symphony Orchestra)