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    Maestro Strings - an inexpensive, expensive sounding string!

    Posted on 15th Apr 2010 @ 9:46 PM

    As we know, China has emerged as a supplier of string instruments. In fact, China has turned the musical scene upside-down. Previously, entry-level violins sounded rather tinny. These days, you find lovely sounding instruments even in lower price ranges. Previously it was the exception to find an Asian made instrument that sounded as good as a decent European instrument. Now it is the rule. We could take this one step further and say that now we can only sell European instruments if they sound as good as a decent Chinese instrument! 

    With strings, China hasn't been as successful - until now. The Maestro String is a beautiful, rich and warm sounding string with ample projection. Many musicians like it better than some of the costly Western strings. They are available for violin, viola and cello.