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    Behringer DR400 Digital Reverb/ Delay Pedal with free shipping

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    Product Description


    Digital Stereo Reverb/Delay Effects Pedal

    • Ultimate digital reverb/delay effects pedal comparable to state-of-the-art studio processors
    • Real Sound Modeling (RSM) combines state-of-the-art DSP technology with sophisticated algorithms to emulate real acoustic environments
    • 24-bit high-resolution stereo effects including reverb, delay and combinations
    • Dedicated Mode, Reverb/Delay time, Tone/Feedback and Balance controls for awesome sound shaping
    • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
    • Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)




    Looking for soaking wet vintage reverb, and delay that sounds like it was borne of an especially fab late-night recording session in 1968?  Look no further than the Reverb/Delay DR400.

    What is delay? What is Reverb?

    Delay is a synthetic echo that, in adjustable increments, repeats the notes you play on guitar. Each repeated tone becomes quieter than the previous one, until the repeats are no longer heard. This results in a thick, robust sound that can take on everything from the quick “slap” echo of classic rockabilly to the long, dreamy echoes found in psychedelic rock. On the other hand, reverb emulates the natural echo that occurs because of a room’s acoustics. Think of how your guitar would sound if you plucked a note while standing in a big empty gymnasium – the DR400 can produce that sound, even if you’re playing in your bedroom! It can even combine this sound with delay for a truly otherworldly tone.

    Multiple Personalities

    Powered by the BEHRINGER Real Sound Modeling (RSM) processor, the DR400 offers three delay styles, four reverb styles and four styles that combine the two. Dedicated Tone and Reverb Time dials double as Feedback and Delay Time, depending on what mode you're in, while the Balance dial determines the perfect mix of clean and affected tone. There’s even a Tap function that allows you to dial in the delay tempo by pressing the footswitch. A dazzling blue LED indicates the power status and a top-quality on/off switch maintains awesome signal integrity. You can power this pedal with a 9 V battery or a BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included).


    Give your sound a whole new sense of space and time with the DR400. This amazing pedal fits perfectly within every musician’s pedal board AND budget.

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    Product Reviews

    1. It's a cool pedal, e

      Posted by Violy on 27th Sep 2015

      It's a cool pedal, especially cordnseniig it's price, but don't be fooled. All this pedal does is perform volume swells. Any other sound you are able to create with this pedal, you wouldn't JUST be using this pedal. Think of it as a supplumentary effect. If you want to really get cool sounds with this pedal, you need to use it in combination with other effects; Reverse delay, wah, distortion, etc.It's convenient too, if you are playing and you want use volume swells, but you also want to use other effects like wah, whammy, something else that requires the attention of your feet. If you get the settings right you can just click this effect on and it will take care of the swells. I would say thats probably the best part about the pedal and the biggest reason to get it. Pure convenience.It has it's quirks though, If you set the sensitivity all the way at minimum it drastically cuts down your sustain. To the point where its non-existent. But the purpose of having the dial set like that is so that you can play loud and fast and still have the effect behave properly. If sensitivity is increased to say halfway and you try to play loud and fast, the volume effect will only occur on the first note struck the rest will just play as if the effect was off.Other than that, its built well, doesnt add any hiss. no noticeable signal loss, other than if the sensitivity is at min. The battery compartment is a pain to get to thats for sure. power adapters are your friend.It's cheap, its convenient. But i wouldn't recommend it for someone who is more into metal or fast and loud styles of play because that pretty much renders this pedal useless especially since that style usually results in moments where you want to hit and sustain a note in the middle of playing hard and fast that type of thing will make this pedal a useless hunk of plastic and circuitry. Oh that reminds me, the casing is plastic :-/

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