Once you have decided to buy a violin, choosing an instrument can be quite daunting.  Researching the information needed to guide your decisions can take a lot of time.

Music stores that do not specialise in string instruments may not have the knowledge to sell you a violin that is appropriate for your needs.   New violins may not have been set up with a properly fitted bridge and sound post along with so many other adjustments. 

Children need different sizes at different stages of growth.  Animato's staff is happy to help choose that right size for your child if you don't yet have a teacher to recommend a size.  Violins start at  a very small 1/32 in size up to full size. 

If you are looking at buying a second hand instrument privately, this may not be always economical as it may not have been set up appropriately, or it may be in need of repairs and this will increase the overall cost.   Animato has second-hand violins that have been professionally serviced, cleaned and set up in our onsite workshop.

Because we want our customers to be completely happy with their choice, we like to offer our expert opinion.  As well as having you try the instruments.  Animato's staff will play the instruments for you so that your choice can be guided by how they sound. Animato is committed to helping the wider community discover the joy of playing music and in particular playing stringed instruments. This is why we want to make sure that you end up with an instrument that will meet your needs while suiting your budget.

With proper lessons, playing a string instrument will provide you with a pleasurable pastime. There are lovely social aspects to playing a string instrument, as you can enjoy playing in ensembles such as orchestras and string quartets. For children, the discipline instilled by regular practice can carry over into other aspects of their education. There are other wonderful benefits from playing music (please see our article “The Beneficial Effects of Music on the Brain”).  Animato has a data base of teachers for the Gold Coast,  the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane to help you find a teacher for private lessons. 

If you are concerned about needing to buy a new instrument whenever your child has a growth spurt, don’t worry as we take trade-ins and we also have a generous rental programe. For beginners we recommend renting one of our Arco instruments. Rental costs 10% of the value of the instrument along with an insurance cost of 5% of the value. Those visiting from overseas may need to borrow a more valuable instrument for a few weeks. Please contact Animato in the first instance if you need to hire a better instrument.

We recommend that you buy an instrument outright as the ongoing costs of renting may be more that the cost of the instrument. The cost of buying the instrument outright can be offset by trading it in when you need to upgrade in size or quality.  Remember also that instruments are often handed down to younger members of the family.

The Arco and Capriccio range are lovely instruments for beginners to start on.  Once you or your child are progressing well or are at about a Grade 3 AMEB level,  we can recommend upgrading your bow. 

When you or your child have advanced in your music studies, you might like to consider upgrading your instrument. Once you have an idea of your budget, please visit us in store to try different instruments. It is best to be able to set some time so that you can sample the quality of each instrument. It is best if you can bring in your usual shoulder rest and the sheet music for one of your current pieces to play.

Cantabile Violin

One of our Cantabile violins. This is an excellent choice if the Amore is outside of your price range.

Once you feel your playing has progressed past the point of your current instrument, with advice from your teacher, the options really begin to open up.  The Amore and the Marcello are of superior quality while still being affordable to the student or enthusiast.  Priced at just shy of a thousand dollars currently, the Amore is a particular favourite of our customers for its balance of sound, craftsmanship and economy.  The Marcello is a step up in all respects.  Don't be dissuaded by the price tag, sometimes you must try for yourself to see whether or not it will suit your needs. 


The Strad replica shown here is made to the specification of the master craftsman Stradivarius.  One of our more expensive models at $4,995 it is of unsurpassed quality and has a powerful tone. 

Here at Animato we aim to service all aspects of your muscianship.  From instrument setup, bows and rosin to cases, accessories and repair we can accommodate almost any request.  We also have an extensive library of sheet music from a variety of genres.


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