​W A Pfretzschner Gold-Mounted Violin Bow

​Wilhelm August Pfretzschner (1871 - 1939)

Although W. A.Pfretzschner produced a relatively small output compared to other members of the Pfretzschner family, his eye for ​beauty and meticulous craftmanship is evident with all his bows.

The Pfretzschner style has its roots seeded in ​the French bow making tradition, and Wilhelm's bows reflect this, having the perfect mix of suppleness and lightness combined with suitable strength for fine bow control. This ​plasticity allows the player to ​pull ​the sound from the instrument, rather than forcefully pushing it out, lending a clear and pure tone.

The fine workmanship is evident in the soft oc​tagonal pernambuco stick, which is a darkish colour. The ebony frog is gloriously adorned with gold mountings, both on the ferrule and end of the screw. There is no eye, however the maker's​ characteristic coat of arms is stamped clearly on one side.

The bow is accompanied ​by a certificate of authentication.​

​Please note there has been a ​prefessional repair to the region adjacent to the tip of the bow. It does not impact on the playability of this superb bow.


Weight:   57 g

Stick:   Octoganol Pernambuco​​

Nut:   Plain ebony (no eye) with maker's crest

Mountings:   Gold


​Excellent Playing ​Condition. Recent rehair.

Small repair to stick of bow, adjacent to the tip, but not the tip itself!.