Our workshop at Animato is able to provide both complex and simple repairs at competitive prices without compromising on quality.  No matter how complicated the repair,  our senior luthier has the experience and expertise to carry them out.  In over ten years,  we have only had positive feedback regarding the quality of our repairs. 

Often simple repairs can be carried out while you wait. While you wait repairs include the following:

  • Peg service +/- string changes

  • New sound posts or resetting or amending of existing sound posts

  • Bridge lowering

  • Fitting of new or second hand bridges

  • Fitting of new tailpieces

Fitting a new sound post can help to optimise the sound of your instrument. The length and diameter of the sound post and the position are all considered in order to reach this goal.

More complicated repairs usually involve structural damage. Cracks, including sound post cracks, can be mended and then reinforced with linen and cleats.  Repairs such as repairs of seams, broken necks, cracks or loose fingerboards or will need to be left with us at least overnight as such repairs will usually need to be clamped and the glue will need time to dry.

Other services include installation of pickups, planetary pegs, new pegs, and full set ups to optimise sound and playability.

Sometimes the need for repair becomes evident when the instrument is “buzzing” when played. A buzz could be due to something simple like a loose chin rest or may be due to an open seam, a nut that needs raising or a fingerboard than needs to be planed. The glue in the seams may have been loosened by high humidity or by mites.  A loose bass bar is a rare cause of buzzing.

​Here is a partial list of the repairs we can offer:

  • Adjusting, Fitting or Cutting a Soundpost
  • Adjusting, Fitting or Carving a Bridge
  • Repairing Cracks
  • Regluing Seams
  • Planing a Fingerboard or Replacing a Fingerboard
  • Neck Fractures or Breaks Repair
  • Re-Varnishing of Instruments
  • Setting up Instruments for Playability 
  • Fitting End Pin for Violin/Viola
  • Fitting End Pin Plug for Cello/Bass
  • Fitting Pegs
  • Fitting Nuts, Rasing/Lowering Nut and Adjusting the Spacing between string grooves for Comfortable Playing
  • Fitting Tail Piece including Resetting Sound Post if needed.
  • Fitting New Bass Bar
  • Minimizing Wolf Tones (Wolf Notes)
  • Servicing instruments - checking Bridge position, sound post position and sound quality
  • Valuation

Photos to come soon...