Timo Jarvela – Composer, Educator

Timo Jarvela Composer EducatorTimo Jarvela is a Brisbane composer and string teacher. Timo enjoys composing appealing works for young string players. He has published numerous works for string orchestras enjoyed by many young players around Australia. He also wrote the very popular strings series Tricky Fingers­ A first book for beginner strings which includes books for violin, viola, cello and bass. Tricky fingers in part takes inspiration from the Colour Strings teaching method which was created by the Hungarian­ born Szilvay brothers who taught violin in Finland. Tricky Fingers aims to develop good playing posture on the instrument along with the beginnings of a free and relaxed technique. Tricky fingers incorporates concepts such left hand pizzicato and harmonics. Left hand pizzicato develops finger independence and dexterity and involves the 4th finger right from the first lesson. It also helps to develop a good left hand shape and encourages the correct positioning of violins and violas on the left shoulder. Harmonics also help set up good posture and can help develop a mobile left hand in an early form of shifting. Harmonics also require a particular bow speed to “speak” clearly and therefore promote good bowing skills.

Timo graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music having started studying the violin in the State Schools’ instrumental music program.

Since 1996, he has been teaching strings for Education Queensland in the Pine Rivers, Caboolture and Redcliffe localities. He has developed many of the string programs in both primary and secondary school in these areas. Timo also spent a year teaching violin in the Kaustinen Shire of Finland during 1993/1994.

He established the Pine Rivers Area String Orchestra in 1996 to encourage strings playing in the local community. The Pine Rivers Are String Orchestra became the Morton Youth Music Ensembles and now provides performance opportunities for young string players via a range of ensembles. These include the String Orchestra, Fiddle Group, Junior Fiddle Group and Chamber Orchestra.

He has performed with many different orchestras and ensembles including the Queensland Youth Orchestra, the Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra and the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

To see the list of compositions by Timo Jarvelo follow the link below.

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