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So you’ve bought a string instrument and are keen to protect your investment. Perhaps the most famous brand for instrument cases is Bam. Bam cases are known for their uniquely French designs, cushy interiors that are made of high density foam. Bam is also unique regarding the materials they use for the shell. There are models availible in a variety of designs and price ranges.
There are three broad categories within their range: the “classic”, the “newtech” and the “hightech” categories.
The "classic" is the cheapest of their lines of cases, but by no means cuts quality to deliver a cheaper price. The classic cases are strong and have a very good shock resistance.
The "newtech" cases add onto these features with an anti-scratch PMMA film (poly methyl meth-acrylate) and a pvc (poly vinyl-chloride) foam skeleton. This retains both the strength and resistance of the classic models but makes it much more lightweight and maneuverable, a great asset to the traveling musician or those nursing injuries.
The "hightech" is the top of the line model offered by Bam, further reducing weight while retaining the necessary strength to protect your instrument. The added benefit of the "hightech" is the superior resistance to shock sustained from direct blows and the insulation against temperature changes. Optimized guarding against sudden changes in temperature and humidity offers additional protection, particularly for antique and other valuable instruments. The hightech is also the lightest of all cases offered by Bam.
​Below you can see an image of the oblong Carbon Hightech case by Bam, affording both style and protection.
​Bam Compared
Some publications on the web indicate that, compared to the work of their main compeditors, Accord and Musilia, Bam seems to beat them both on price and quality.
Accord's range is more restricted on what they have on offer, only two models for the violin for example - the standard and the ultralight. The Hightech is much lighter than its alternative, the ultralight (2.3 kilos) at a minute 1.2 kilos.
The Musilia comes close to the ease of a Bam case at 1.8 kilos, but still misses out on being the lightest quality case sold commercially. Accord does not offer the protection of the factory guarrantee or warranty that Bam accords the customer. Musilia does offer a one year guarrantee, but Bam beats both of these with a comprehensive 2 year guarrantee and repair free of charge (with some conditions).
On regards to pricing, it depends on the exchange rate and individual setting of each store. Broadly however Bam cases offer the best vaule for money, both Musilia and Accord in particular being much more expensive than the range offered by Bam.
There are a few caveats you must remember when purchasing a case however. You must make sure that the exact measurements of your instrument suit the interior size of the case. Not all cases are built with a one size fits all mindset. So to prevent disappoinment make sure that it will fit adequately. There is also the consideration of purchasing to support your purposes. There is little point to purchase a heavy case if you will be travelling constantly. Likewise, if you are travelling constantly you will want to think twice if the cheaper but heavier options are worth the saving in exchange for backstrain when lugging it around the airport terminal. If you have any queries or want to inspect our cases in stock, please call or visit our store during business hours.
The interior of the Bam Carbon Hightech case shown earlier, you can see the ample padding inside the case alongside secure spaces for four bows.
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