Sir William Turner Walton – Biography Summary

Sir William Turner Walton – Biography Summary

Sir William Turner Walton, born on March 29, 1902, in Oldham, Lancashire, England, was an English composer known for his orchestral music. His career spanned over sixty years, during which he composed music in various classical genres and styles, from film scores to opera.


Early Life and Career

Walton’s early work, notably the collaboration with Edith Sitwell on Façade in 1923, brought him initial notoriety as a modernist and established his reputation as an orchestral composer with pieces like Portsmouth Point in 1926 1.


Musical Style and Works

His music exhibits expressive variety and a blend of influences such as Anglican anthems, jazz, and the music of Stravinsky, Sibelius, Ravel, and Elgar 1.

Some of his best-known works include the cantata Belshazzar’s Feast, the Viola Concerto, the First Symphony, and British coronation marches Crown Imperial and Orb and Sceptre 1.


Personal Life and Legacy

In his later years, Walton’s compositions, initially criticized as old-fashioned, were revalued and regarded alongside his earlier works 1.

Despite being a slow worker, Walton’s most popular compositions continue to be frequently performed in the 21st century 1.

This summary provides an overview of Sir William Turner Walton’s life, career, and musical legacy, highlighting his significant contributions to classical music.

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